How One Scrap of Fabric Can Make a Huge Difference

January 08, 2019

Fabric, it’s such a huge part of our lives, and yet, most of us don’t give much thought to it.

To the average person, fabric is what makes our clothes, blankets, curtains, and upholstery. But to me, fabric is the factor that makes each of my bags unique. It is what makes every outfit special. And, it is also a simple way to save the environment.

​According to the EPA, Americans generate 15 million tons of used textile waste a year, which has only doubled in the last 10 years. Nearly 100 percent of clothing is recyclable. However, of this amount, 2.62 million tons were actually recycled, 3.14 million tons were used for combustion recovery, and 10.46 million tons were sent to landfills.

That is why I’ve decided to become a socially economic business and stop wasting fabric. By using recycled materials, I am able to make bags but with no harm. One of my favorite parts of my business is hunting for fabrics. I love diving into bins to find vibrant colors, unique textures, and exotic patterns.

Whether they were used for an interior design project or to create window treatments, these fabrics are mostly one of a kind and are all sourced from America. Found pieces range in size from 4” by 6” to a few yards. For the smaller swatches, I can create one mini. For the larger pieces of fabric, I can create a bucket tote or several clutches.

Imagine what we can do if everyone re-purposed their textiles. littlebags.BIGIMPACT is changing that statistic, one bag at a time. With your help, we can take fabric out of landfills and make our planet healthier. Thank you to everyone who has helped my mission and donated fabric. You have no idea how big of a difference you are making!

Be a part of the process and partner with me to keep our landfills fabric free! If you have upholstery grade/interior design fabric to donate, please contact me at