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A Girl, A Trunk, and Her Littlebags: Why Events are Essential to Your Business

January 08, 2019

To me, spring and fall Sunday mornings mean a packed car filled with colorful trunks, a 6-foot table, and hundreds of littlebags — each unique and one of a kind, that are ready to be shared with hundreds of event attendees. 

Nothing perks me up in the morning quite like setting up my booth and seeing a shopper come over and discover my brand. This first interaction is crucial, and I truly enjoy making a personal connection with each customer. Events are not only an excellent opportunity to share how I got started selling my first clutch bag, but it is also a chance to learn more about my customers and get feedback on my products. 

Each season, I try to pick 10 festivals, conferences, and shows that align with my brand, products, mission, budget, and customers. My time is limited because I have to prepare for events when I’m not attending middle school, so it’s important to make sure each event is worth attending. 

  • Real Life Connections. You can do a lot as an e-commerce business, but there is something to be said for feeling the softness of recycled fabrics in your hand, holding up a bag with your favorite outfit, or admiring the hand-crafted details on a product up close. The ability to directly interact with my customers is priceless, and this face-to-face interaction with consumers helps build a more personal relationship with my brand.
  • Events help generate brand recognition. As a small business, word of mouth (both online and offline) is a cornerstone of my company. By the time a shopper has left my booth, they are not only a customer, but a brand ambassador who can’t wait to tell their friends all about us.
  • Two-Way Conversation. Attending events is just as much about listening to customers as it is sharing my story and products. This year, my product line expanded to include the bucket tote and cross body. Events are a cost-effective way to roll out these new products. I can get feedback much faster with a live, captive audience to showcase it to. In fact, the everything pouch was born out of feedback I received from customers at several events. While sharing my story and mission, I also learn so much listening to my customer’s interests in fabric, recycling, education, and literacy.
  • A Memorable Shopping Experience. It’s these human conversations that make lasting connections. I also find tremendous satisfaction knowing that each customer has purchased with purpose and is proud to support my sustainable and social impact mission. That is what my business is all about and I find that I can share this more effectively at events.

I’m on the road again. Be sure to stop by to say hello…